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Our Services

Competence & professionalism

Our Door-to-Door shipping and consulting services come with the highest professional level. Each of our team members make sure you get the best value to your money.

At Region Holdings, we always adopt a customer-oriented approach.

Your projects are handled by the teams of experienced project managers and logistics professionals, supported by human resources and information technology.

As a leading agency, the services are backed by the skills to things available quickly, allowing us to guarantee the dependability and rapid responses you need.  

Tailor made services for you

We don't follow any set of guidelines for delivering goods, but customize our services keeping your needs in mind.

Our services are 100% customer driven according to your needs.

Timely delivery

We understand the importance of time for your business, hence we make sure each product is delivered to your doorstep on time when you need it.


As your trusted partner, we work with you according to your specific needs. Our experts create strategies that serve as an extension to your business growth and help you drive tangible financial and operational benefits.

Custom Made Services

Region Holdings is a leading name in the electronics industry. Our team members are highly skilled industry specialists, specializing in distribution of consumer and commercial electrical goods to the global clients. We can help you get the right electronic products and provide you with exceptional services.

Whether you are looking for a camcorder, headphones, healthcare electronic products, or any highly advanced machine for your business, our professionals can make it available to you at the most competitive prices. We believe in support business growth, which can be achieved only when you devote time to grow your business. This is why we handle everything for you. You can share your requirements and we do the rest.

From identifying the product to gathering information (pros & cons) and negotiating with the supplier or manufacturer so you get it at the best price and the shipping, our custom solutions are backed with years of expertise and the dedication to serve clients with 100% satisfaction.
In the ever expanding business world, Region Holdings aim is to become the most trusted and premier source of your entire commercial and consumer electronic merchandise. With unbeatable industry experience, Region Holdings is ready to become your biggest ally in the world's most dynamic industry.


Value Generation

We understand your business needs and hence design our services to help you stay focused on your core competencies while we manage the tough job for you.
Everything we do is aimed at driving financial and operational value to our clients.

With years of experience in the industry, we've got the expertise in being the best in what we do. Whether it's product research, information gathering, negotiation or shipping services, we can handle everything for you.

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